Loading Demo Data

You can test drive Fat Free CRM by loading sample records that are generated on the fly and mimic the actual use.

loading demo data will delete all the existing data.

To load the demo data, simply run the following command:

   $ rake ffcrm:demo:load

Among other things, the demo generator creates 8 sample user records with the following usernames: aaron, ben, cindy, dan, emily, frank, george, and heather. You can login with any of these names using the name as password.

You can reset the database and reload demo data at any time by using:

   $ rake ffcrm:demo:reload

Running The App

Now you should be able to launch the Rails server and point your web browser to http://localhost:3000

   $ ./script/server

For Developers

Fat Free CRM can be customized by implementing callback hooks and extended by creating Rails Engines plugins. Check out these sample repositories demonstrating the concepts:

http://github.com/michaeldv/crm_sample_plugin/tree/master http://github.com/michaeldv/crm_sample_tabs/tree/master http://github.com/michaeldv/crm_web_to_lead/tree/master